This Episode Features Shanta Johnson

Guest Location: New York

Shanta is a certified Reiki Practitioner, Meditation Practitioner, and Life Coach. She has been providing transformational life and meditation coaching, reiki healing and holistic  spiritual products for women for 3  years. All women deserve a chance to shine, and her goal is to empower them in doing so. Through her services, she has assisted women in breaking free from conflicts or uncertainties that may be holding them back, and in doing so, helped them to awaken to the call of their purpose, reclaim their energy and passion and uncover their highest light. Here’s a quick run-down of her backstory: She received her bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education back in 2015 and her master’s degree in Public Administration during 2020. In 2019, she became an independent travel agent and finally registered her international organization for youth known as Zeed, Inc



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