This Episode Features Shannon Short

Guest Location: Georgia

Shannon Short is a professionally trained life coach, a graduate of the University of Georgia (BBA) and Mercer University (MEd), and the proud recipient of the Hot Mommas Project Mentorship Award. After many years of getting stuck in her own timeline of life, Shannon jumped ship and is striving to create her life her very own way, living boldly and unapologetically as her truest self.

As a result of her own 35-year journey of self-discovery and personal truth, which started when she was a junior in college, Shannon discovered that self-awareness and emotional intelligence are two of the key components to creating a successful and happy life. Stumbling through her own journey without any real guidance, she also discovered that gaining these skills is one thing, but figuring out how to actually apply them in your life can take a lifetime if you rely on good old trial and error to find your way.

Now, Shannon is excited to be the guide for today’s college girls that she didn’t have as she attempted to navigate her own college journey. Through her work, Shannon guides college girls on their own unique journey to better understand and manage the maze of new challenges and emotions that can leave them feeling stranded and confused in their college experience, With her guidance, her students find more clarity and confidence to explore possibilities and make choices that represent their own personal values and desires, rather than simply following the status quo. Unlike others who lead with academics at the forefront, Shannon shifts the focus to first connect the girls more deeply with their own identity and what makes them tick to set them up for more success, happiness and freedom, both in college and in life.



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