This Episode Features Lori Reising

Guest Location: Iowa

Lori Reising is the founder of The Raw and Wild Hearts Podcast, Awakening Your Life Force Retreats, and Beginning Within Therapy.  She has been in therapeutic practice since 2001, providing trauma-informed bodywork, pelvic floor therapy, pain management, hypnotherapy for wellness, childbirth education, therapeutic bodywork for fertility, pregnancy, and postpartum and newborn CranioSacral Therapy.  She studied under and assisted world-renowned visionary John F. Barnes since 2001.  She presented her well-received workshop Get To Know Your Pelvic Floor at the Annual HypnoBirthing® Conclave in San Antonio, Texas in 2018.  She offers online wellness consultations and birthing education, which allows her to work with people worldwide.  Lori also offers a unique retreat opportunity in several locations per year.  By combining a safe space to connect with others on a path of discovery where we peel back the strongholds of trauma held in the body, along with pelvic floor education, self-care techniques, dynamic flow exercise class and surfing lessons she has created an utterly transformative week that will take your life in directions you may not have ever thought possible!  Through her podcast she provides an invitation to her Wild Heart Revolution, which is one of destroying this culture rooted in fear to uncover the unconditional love and divinity we are meant to thrive in.  Her mission is to explore the vast expanse of humanity by embracing all that we are and all the ways we can live in our full and divine selves.  She is currently working on her no holds barred book on childbirth to help return it to it’s true roots, which is the access point to gentler and healthier communities.


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