This Episode Features Lori Beard

Guest Location: Texas

Lori Beard is a professional speaker, self-published author and facilitator. As a Certified Clinical Hypnosis Practitioner, Certified Life Coach, and more than 26 years of marriage, raising eight natural children, Lori has always sought to share the richness of her own life experiences with aspiring professionals.


Born in Puerto Rico and living in Texas for the last 22 years, Lori works with clients in both, English and Spanish. She also speaks the language of the heart, while intuitively connecting with her audience helping them find answers from within so they confidently step steadfast forward into their greatness.


Lori’s commitment to align all facets of life, including mind, soul, and communication, despite life’s circumstances, is the fuel that ignites her fire to continue learning and teaching about personal growth.


Lori conducts private workshops, seminars for corporate settings, and individual training. She has been a guest speaker in numerous podcasts from around the world, and a variety of social and networking functions in the Dallas area.  She has virtually offered training to coaches in London, UK, and to a global group of female entrepreneurs based in Tokyo, Japan.


She rejoices in giving time and sharing her talents supporting causes she values.



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