This Episode Features Leks Vucko

Guest Location: Serbia

Leks Vucko is a life coach whose mission is to empower women. In her past, she has suffered low self-esteem, non-existent self-confidence, and due to that, she has allowed others to make decisions for her early in her life. That all led to hitting the infamous “rock bottom” a few times in her life and one day decided enough is enough, she was ready to be in charge of her life. Leks then started working on her mindset, beliefs, she started reading, taking courses, educating herself on anything and everything that had to do with positive psychology, the way the brain works and how our thoughts create our future. She has since completely transformed herself and her life and is feeling free and happy every day.


After transforming herself and her life, she started working as a coach to empower women.


Leks’ goal is to help women to get clear on what they want, to gain unshakable confidence, to feel strong, empowered, unstoppable and to create amazing lives for themselves. She believes that all women are superhuman. It is her mission to help every woman see that when she looks at herself in the mirror. 



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