This Episode Features Katie Mild

Guest Location: Colorado

During her selling years, Katie loved tracking and growing

her numbers. She assumed everyone else felt the same way…

until she started coaching sales professionals. She quickly

realized that her self-proclaimed “nerdy love” for personal

finance wasn’t the norm and that many rockstar sales

professionals felt intimidated, overwhelmed, and fearful of

money. Driven to erase this fear, Katie created Armored

Agent, her groundbreaking online course dedicated to

financially “armoring up” 1099 independent contractors with

an unbreakable money mindset and unshakeable goals. The

end goal? To help these hard chargers go after what they

want in life and build legacy wealth. Katie believes every

single person deserves an abundant and amazing

retirement…but you have to go earn it NOW. Katie is a

national keynote speaker who focuses her talks around

wealth building and money mindset mastery. Her personal

stories of overcoming fear around money and career pivoting

have inspired thousands across the country.

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