This Episode Features Julianna Quijano

Guest Location: Florida

Julianna Quijano plays many roles in this life as a multidimensional being, a mother, a wife, a woman of many nationalities and a TRANSFORMATIONAL GUIDE who lovingly assists and empowers others emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. She incorporates various tools, tips and techniques that organically guide individuals to reascend their consciousness and support their inner landscape to Awareness. Her transformational techniques reawaken our natural abilities to sensate and integrate energies and emotions in soft, gentle frequencies. She considers her sessions to be experiential, bringing about a playful, light hearted energy in intimate supportive group and private settings. The entire experience is filled with curiosity and joy as she guides individuals to discover deeper breath, existence, consciousness and the reemergence of our true DIVINE ESSENCE. Julianna’s offerings nurture the whole being with SELF LOVE and a compassionate heart core essence.   She openly shares her challenges and obstacles in childhood and adulthood that ultimately led to her unique gifts of transformation.


For more than 20 years, Julianna has been exploring the infinite potentials of the metaphysical, spiritual and holistic health industries.  She is rediscovering the art and magic of shamanism, angelic energy healing, crystals, DNA and cellular reprogramming, light language, Reiki, yoga, meditation, and more.  She chooses to observe life with a wide open compassionate heart and expansive awareness.

Julianna’s highest intent is to transform and reintegrate the purest version of CONSCIOUSNESS while energetically balancing and harmonizing LIFE IN ITS INFINITE FLOW FOR ALL.

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