This Episode Features Jessica Orcsik

Guest Location: Los Angelos

Jessica Orcsik’s professional career began at age 4 on Australian TV show Richmond Hill. Since then has worked on various Stage, TV & Film Productions in both the United States and Australia. As dancer and choreographer, she was able to perform and produce shows with professional Australian dance companies, National television shows, films and events.

 Director of the American Arts Film & Television Academy, Jessica’s love of the arts has seen her entrepreneurial skills soar and she has dedicated much of her career to educating artists in Film, Television & Performing Arts. Her success in international mentorships and artist development programs, in Australia and Hollywood, make her a leading curator in arts education for creatives around the world. This has also leant to her recent launch of her podcast ArtArtistBiz. 

Producing and hosting a variety of public events and competitions across Australia and in Los Angeles, including “On Broadway”; “Don’t Dis Disabilities Dance Extravaganza” and Focus On Ability International Short Film Festival. These events support inclusion & diversity within the performing arts and facilitate international experiences for creatives. Through this her short documentary “Stepping Into Focus” became a starting point for her production career. 

Jessica’s new production company Diversity Entertainment, LLC (affiliated with J.O. International Productions & Diversity Pictures) has seen her enter the world of writing and directing. Her recent film “A Death Perspective” (writer, director and actor) has received numerous awards across festivals including Best Indie Short & Best Women’s Short at the Independent Short Awards recognised by IMDB. More recently gaining her selection for the Artists Emerging Initiative with Ermantourage. As associate producer her Australian feature “Unsound” with WiseGoat Productions, recently won Melbourne Queer Festival. 

Jessica now has several projects in development for release in 2021.





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