This Episode Features Jenny Mckinney

Guest Location: Michigan

Jenny McKinney is the energy behind So Much Jenergy. She started So Much JENergy, LLC to allow herself to bring Comedy and Coaching into one focus, not at the same time, like being at an eye exam and saying Number 1 or Number 2! Ha!

Her purpose is to share laughter with the world and to bring out the best for you to be!

Her coaching journey started a few years back when her coach told her “Don’t let GOOD be the energy to your GREAT!”. She felt comfortable because she was good and she wanted to be great. She has always been positive and through coaching, she has been able to genuinely live the happiest she has been living each day without judgment and being herself, with ease. Having a coach is the best! It’s someone that can direct you when you need direction, assist when you need assistance, and will blow that whistle if you need a time out. Growing can be uncomfortable – and so can your tight pants after eating an entire pack of Oreos! Ha!


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