This Episode Features Hemali Vora

Guest Location: Maryland

Hemali V. Vora, MPT, is an owner and practitioner of Hemali Vora, Health and Wellness, LLC. She lives in Maryland and works in the DMV area. She is an expert medical intuitive healer with psychic gifts, an empath, and a spiritual advisor, who will teach you to tap into the powers that lie within you.

Her purpose in this lifetime is to guide you towards radical self- care, unconditional love, and compassion for self and inner peace. Having gone through her own journey filled with weight struggles, health challenges, healing crisis, and spiritual awakening, Hemali has learned the power of intuition and our body’s potential to heal itself through nourishing its body, mind, emotion, and spirit. According to her, nutrition, energy, and spiritual work play a vital role in healing dis-ease and dis-harmony in your body.

Over two decades of working in healthcare as a PT, Myofascial Release practitioner, healer, and an educator, she has helped and guided hundreds of patients, clients and their families with chronic illnesses, disabilities, personal traumas, and in their spiritual journeys. She is known to skillfully integrate ancient wisdom and modern science in her work.

Hemali co-authored a book, ‘The Ultimate Guide to Self-Healing Techniques’.

Hemali teaches Level I, II, Master, and Karuna Reiki certification courses and cooking classes. She offers one-on-one or group sessions in her office, in your home and/or online distant healing sessions. 


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