This Episode Features Heather Burright

Guest Location: Chicago

Meet Heather Burright, founder at Skill Masters Market, LLC.Heather specializes in creating dynamic, learner-centric training and coaching.

As a coach, Heather focuses intentionally on her client’s needs for a dedicated period of time so that the client has the time and resources to explore their options and invest in their future.

Leveraging 15 years of experience, Heather can ask the right questions to understand your goals and needs so you can create a new vision for your future and begin pursuing those dreams.Heather has coached all levels of leadership and now focuses on women who are ready to make a career transition. Her expertise in instructional design, change management principles, and coaching allows her to provide the necessary structure and strategic direction to any client’s sessions.If you feel stuck or unfulfilled at work, Heather can help.


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