This Episode Features Debbie Debonaire

Guest Location: United Kingdom

My name is Debbie Debonaire an Emotional Resilience Consultant and Holistic Counsellor.

I am a three times suicide attempt survivor who overcame extreme clinical depression PLUS prolonged mental domestic abuse, who has transformed her life as a message and beacon of light to help executive career women suffering in adversity, overwhelm, fear, severe lack of self confidence and lack of self esteem to take back their control to live life on their own terms.

Based in the UK, but virtual world wide, my story is one of extreme courage and focus. My complete transformation to leader, speaker and highly esteemed expert on contemporary emotional and trauma recovery, led me to create an innovative  process that marries Holistic Strategies with the essence and inspiration of the Theatrical World.

My life experiences have allowed me to found a global movement dedicated to bringing solutions, inspiration and campaigns for change to somewhat outdated bureaucratic treatment of categorised socially inept victims.

In parallel, I am a private consultant to executive career women with families, who struggle with the basic skills essential to success – self confidence, self esteem, mindset and emotional mastery.




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