2021 is all about Creating Generational Wealth with Multiple Streams of income.

Today we got the chance to speak with Rhianna Campbell, a Real Estate Business Coach in the DMV area.

Here is a short bio about Rhianna:


A mother of 3 beautiful children, Natasha (23), Giselle (3), and Tristan (1.5), Rhianna was born and raised in the suburbs of Washington, D.C. As a native Washingtonian, she grew up watching the ever-changing real estate market. Her interest in real estate lead her to pursue work as a mortgage loan officer and a financial & credit counselor, as a university student in 2004.

During the mortgage crisis in 2008, she was able to pivot to wholesaling and then quickly to property management, renovations, and investing.

Rhianna was able to build, grow, and then sell a multimillion-dollar real estate business all before the age of 40. Now she shares her 15+ years of industry knowledge with other real estate entrepreneurs through her coaching company, Proper Planning LLC.


Here’s how you can connect with Rhianna:

Social Media Profiles: @RhiannaMCampbell

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