This Episode Features Christelle Biiga

Guest Location: Los Angelos, CA

Christelle Biiga is a former Corporate Executive, Radio and TV host, turned Transformational Coach, Expert Speaker, and Published writer.

She helps female coaches reach their income goals in record time through alignment.

Through her groundbreaking method called “Absolute Alignment Activation”, Christelle takes people on a journey back within to reconnect with the truest version of themselves, find the power to break free all limits and programming, and create the life they want and ultimately deserve.

She’s also an Expert Speaker that has been featured on numerous podcasts and events. She’s the Savvy Networker Stage official host for Los Angeles and she hosts a weekly webcast called Real Talk Manifestation at Speak Up and Empower.

Christelle is a member of the global movement Peace On Earth and mentors youths through that movement.


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