This Episode Includes Becky Kekula

Guest Location: Boston

People with dwarfism may just need a well-placed step stool but can lead a successful life. When Becky was 22, she felt discouraged by constant rejections after sending out 1,000 resumes and going on 100 in-person job interviews, while trying to secure a permanent job after college. In each interview, she was judged based on her size. No constructive feedback on how she could do better was given. After securing her first permanent job, at age 23, she decided she wanted to advocate for inclusion in the media which leads to a more inclusive society. This has potential to lead to more job opportunities for people like her. She never wants anyone to have to go on 100 interviews before landing any job. At age 27, she delivered her first motivational speech. Since then, she has delivered hundreds of speeches about disability inclusion in the media, workplace, and in schools.


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