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Laneice McGee – Co-Founder Big, Beautiful & Blessed

The lady who feels pride in having assisted a thousand lives through their career transitions and adaptations. For Laneice, it did not take much time to recognize the field she was born to lead and so, having pursued her Bachelors in Arts in Sociology from Fisk University in Nashville Tennessee, she went ahead to accomplish a full-fledged enlightenment in Human Services and attained the Master of Science in the pleasant domain of her choice from Springfield College.

Laneice McGee – Co-Founder Big, Beautiful & Blessed2020-11-05T19:00:38-05:00

Christelle Biiga – Speaker

Christelle Biiga is a former Corporate Executive, Radio and TV host, turned Transformational Coach, Expert Speaker, and Published writer.

Christelle Biiga – Speaker2020-11-02T22:39:11-05:00

Diana Rosu – Energy Healer and Mindset Coach

Diana is an energy healer and mindset coach helping women dive deep within themselves, move past insecurity, shame or fear and let go of the energy and limiting beliefs that are blocking their success in life and business.

Diana Rosu – Energy Healer and Mindset Coach2020-10-30T18:31:04-04:00

Jess Critchlow – Coach

Jess Critchlow is the owner of Light Up Work where she helps professionals finally reach their big career goals, do the work they love and ultimately make more money by radically growing their confidence and people skills.

Jess Critchlow – Coach2020-10-30T18:29:09-04:00

Elaine Rau – LadyBossBlogger

Elaine Rau has been featured in 500+ magazines, books, and publications and has spoken on stages all over the world on how to become a successful blogger and influencer. 

Elaine Rau – LadyBossBlogger2020-10-27T22:54:32-04:00

Sofia Anna Ortiz – Intuitive Business Coach & Mentor

Sofia is an Intuitive Business Coach & Purpose Mentor teaching women to connect with intuition and turn dreams into revenue streams. Having moved 18 times all around the globe, she knows firsthand the challenges that making scary changes to uplevel her life entail...

Sofia Anna Ortiz – Intuitive Business Coach & Mentor2020-10-27T22:53:25-04:00

Alison Brown – Wealth Empowerment Coach

Alison Brown is a Wealth Empowerment coach and real estate investor as well as a wife, mom and Controller for a civil engineering firm. She has always been interested in learning about money, how to manage it and more recently how to make her money work for her and create more of itself.

Alison Brown – Wealth Empowerment Coach2020-10-27T22:52:15-04:00
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