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Mariana Padilla – Founder/CEO Red Lab Marketing

Mariana Padilla is the founder and CEO of Red Lab Marketing. After almost a decade spent in the education and nonprofit fields, she made a career switch and launched her digital marketing agency, Red Lab Marketing, in April of this year.

Mariana Padilla – Founder/CEO Red Lab Marketing2020-11-24T11:32:23-05:00

Julie Court – Transitions & Communication Consultant

For over a decade, Julie Court has been a leading expert in encouraging and equipping leaders in their spiritual and personal growth. Her passion is to inspire men and women to lead and serve with confidence and excellence.

Julie Court – Transitions & Communication Consultant2020-11-24T11:33:49-05:00

Saana Koljonen – Authenticity Coach

Insatiable learner. Curious team player. Mindful leader and entrepreneur. Professional volleyball player until December 2018. Co-captain in the national team of Finland.

Saana Koljonen – Authenticity Coach2020-11-19T10:27:07-05:00

Katie Mild – Founder of Armored Agent

During her selling years, Katie loved tracking and growing her numbers. She assumed everyone else felt the same way… until she started coaching sales professionals. She quickly realized that her self-proclaimed “nerdy love” for personal finance wasn’t the norm and that many rockstar sales professionals felt intimidated, overwhelmed, and fearful of money.

Katie Mild – Founder of Armored Agent2020-11-19T00:50:32-05:00

Onajite Clarke – Owner/Blogger

Onajite Clarke lives in London with her husband and family, and is a mother,  blogger, social activist, and advocate committed to raising the profile for female empowerment, and providing platforms for women to be visible and have their voices heard.

Onajite Clarke – Owner/Blogger2020-11-19T00:49:09-05:00

Ananda de Jager – Author

Ananda de Jager (1993) was born in Goes, the Netherlands. In 2020, she published her first poetry book. After getting amenorrhea in 2018, she went on a spiritual healing journey, facing her inner demons and having a strong calling to inspire others.

Ananda de Jager – Author2020-11-16T02:17:11-05:00

Tiffany Johnson – Best Selling Author, Podcast Host

At the age of 21, Tiffany’s adventure started in the search for self-discovery, as many young people do as a rite of passage. After leaving home at 17, going to university and falling in love with the wrong man, Tiffany was finally brave enough to leave and pursue adventure. She explored Europe in hope of finding her missing puzzle piece.

Tiffany Johnson – Best Selling Author, Podcast Host2020-11-16T02:15:05-05:00
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