This Episode Features Alba Cordero Soto

Guest Location: Boston


Alba Cordero Soto is the founder of Alba Soto TLC. She is a positive and resilient trauma survivor and is dedicated to helping single mothers who have suffered from sexual trauma.

As a certified trauma life coach, she helps single mothers get unstuck by applying her unique principles of active healing. Through personal experience she has learned that ” Without tools, Trauma Rules.” And this is why she is paying it forward by sharing the tools that brought her from accepting people who took advantage of her to now only accepting healthy and reciprocal relationships. These tools facilitate active healing and help women find their voice and reclaim their power.

Her vision is to create a community of resilient women through her sisters circle community, ” Better TogetHER,” a sacred space to connect with other like spirited resilient women who are ready to move towards a life that is free of shame, guilt and anger. 



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